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Why We Should Hire You? – Best Answers

why we should hire you

A job interview always makes us nervous, regardless of how much we are prepared and how confident we are that our skills meet the requirements.

But there is one specific moment that people generally fear. It is when the recruiters ask why they should hire them.

Everybody knows that the question will come…

But most of us still don’t have a good answer. This is a huge mistake that can potentially ruin an otherwise perfect interview. Therefore I decided to take a closer look at the question Why We Should Hire You – Best Answers to give, and common mistakes to avoid.

There’s a lot to talk about, so let’s get straight into it…

Why Recruiters Will Ask You Why They Should Hire You?

There are two main reasons why recruiters love this question.

The first one is because, in most cases, they genuinely don’t know the answer yet. They’ve probably seen dozens of other candidates, most of which have a fantastic resume that, in some cases, is better than yours.

“But I have so much experience?”…

When it comes to working experience, it doesn’t matter what your background is and how much knowledge you have; the chances are that at least someone else is even more qualified.

Luckily, a resume is more about giving you the chance to have an interview. The person that will ultimately get the job is the one that possesses the specific skills and qualities that meet the job requirements. And that set them apart from any other candidate. This is what recruiters want to hear from you.

why we should hire you

But there’s another more important reason…

The second reason why this is such a common question is to see how you react under pressure.

Recruiters know that this is an awkward question that will probably make you feel uncomfortable, so it will not be a big deal if you’re a bit nervous. But if you start mumbling, sweating, and you completely lose your confidence, that’s a bad sign. It means that you’re not able to face a stressful situation or that you didn’t go prepared for the interview.

And if you didn’t make an effort to prepare an answer to a question that you knew would have come, you’re basically showing them that you don’t want the job.

Why is it Always The Last Question of a Job Interview?

It looks like most recruiters like to save the best for the last. It’s pretty uncommon that the “Why We Should Hire You” question comes at the beginning of the interview.

But why does it always need to be the last one?

Because, together with the first impression you give, this is the most important one, and this answer will determine whether you get hired or not.


The first impression and your last answer are everything that the recruiters will remember about you. Your impressive 15 years as a director in a luxury hotel will be immediately forgotten after you leave the room if your first and last answer did not stand out.

The truth is…

There is a significant advantage when the question is asked at the end. During the interview, even the most nervous person tends to relax more, especially if the process went smoothly.

Why’s that so important?

Well, when the time to answer that question comes, it’s a lot easier to respond naturally and with confidence, showcasing that you did your homework!

So what can you do the days before the interview to arrive there prepared?

Let’s find out…

Do Some Preparation?

As you probably guessed already, the worst thing you can do in a job interview is to show up without being prepared to respond to “Why We Should Hire You.”

Keep in mind that there are several ways the recruiters could ask you the same thing, for example:

  • Why are you a good fit for the job?
  • Why do you think you’re the right candidate for the position?
  • Why should we choose you?

At the end of the day, they all mean the same, and the answer you give doesn’t have to change.

why we should hire you answer guide

Study The Job Posting

The first thing you should do, of course, is carefully read the job posting.

Most of the time, there will be a specific section to highlight all the recruiters’ requirements. These are qualities or skills that the HR manager has passed on to the recruiters. And they ultimately might have no choice other than to hire the person that better meets those requirements.

Read them carefully, and pick two or three of them which you know you satisfy. Think about a situation in your past where you proved yourself to have those qualities.

Does it have to be that specific?

Yes, they have to be very specific examples, either from previous jobs or, in case you’re a fresh graduate, from your college experience.

Suppose one of the requirements is “exceptional abilities to react to unforeseen circumstances.” In that case, you have to come up with one time where you proved that you are able to react appropriately or professionally in a highly stressful situation where something went wrong.

Moreover, you have to highlight how your reaction was essential to solving that problem.

Study The Company You’re Applying For

Even if the job description doesn’t say much about the company, nowadays it’s extremely easy to access all the information you could need on the internet.

Check their official website, social media, LinkedIn, customer reviews, and so on.

What to look for?

Read everything you can find about your potential employers, and find a genuine reason why you want to work with them. This is the perfect opportunity to show some honest desire to be hired by that company. Saying that you’ve always dreamt about working for them is not enough; you need to be more specific.

Are you applying for a restaurant manager position at the healthiest vegan restaurant in town?

The ideal pitch…

You tell them you’d love to work there because the nutrition concepts they apply to their menu are the same as you’ve been following in your life since you took nutrition classes with Dr. Barnard.

Needless to say, there’s no room for lies at this stage. Everything should be genuine and possibly verifiable. But find what aligns you with the company’s vision, whatever that may be.

What You Should Never Say?

Before we take a look at some sample sentences to build your perfect answer, let’s see the most common mistakes you should avoid.

Never make statements you can’t back up with examples

If you say that you’re the ideal candidate for a customer service position without specifying the reason, the recruiters will immediately ask you why. Be prepared to answer.

Never highlight your weak points

This should be obvious, but it’s a fairly common mistake. Don’t start your answer by saying something like: “Even if I don’t have much experience in this field…”. The recruiters know that already from your CV, and there’s no need to remind them.

Don’t repeat information they already have

If one of the requirements is speaking a foreign language fluently, don’t merely say that you can do that. It should be highlighted in your resume, and they already know it. What you can say is that you’ve already proven to be able to speak the language fluently that time that a French customer came to the shop and he couldn’t speak a word in English.

Your ability with the language made the communication possible, and the customer ended up buying a lot more than he intended, right?

why we should hire you answers

Don’t talk about your personal life

You probably already had a question about it, and at this point, it is not important anymore. Moreover, you will waste precious time that you should use to highlight your skills.

Don’t talk like you’re repeating a script

It’s easy to spot if you’ve learned your answers by heart. Try to be as natural as possible!

Don’t be too nervous!

I know it’s just so much easier said than done, but this is your moment to shine, and you should try to see it as a fantastic opportunity rather than a terrifying challenge.

How To Structure a Perfect Answer?

It’s time to see how you can actually respond to this question well.

Here are a few sample sentences to cover everything you should say from start to finish. Try to personalize these responses as much as possible, avoiding the common mistakes that we’ve just talked about.

Keeping in mind the following key points too:

  • Keep it short. If your answer is longer than one minute, the recruiters will lose interest in what you’re saying, and they might end remembering useless information and forgetting the important part.
  • Be confident, but don’t blatantly show off.
  • Show them that you came prepared.
  • Match your qualities with the requirements.
  • Show some enthusiasm to work for that company.


The first few words are crucial. A perfect way to begin your answer is by thanking the recruiters and showing them that you came prepared for the question.

Let’s look at a couple of possibilities…

“Thanks for the question! I’ve been looking forward to this opportunity to explain why I’m the right candidate for the position.”

“I’m glad you asked! Thanks for giving me the chance to further explain why I would be a perfect fit for this job.”

The main section of your answer

With just a few introductory words, you showed your confidence, and you captured the attention of the recruiters.

Now they are waiting for something substantial, and they are just hoping you give them a good reason to hire you.

Check out this example…

“From what I read on the job posting, I understand that one of the major requirements is the ability to stay calm and quickly react in a potentially dangerous situation. This immediately reminds me of that time when I was working as a flight attendant for (name of the company), and we had a rejected takeoff. Following all the steps that I learned during training, I’ve was able to immediately start the emergency procedure. As a result of that….”

Another context, same structure…

“From my understanding, (name of the company you’re applying for) is looking for somebody with exceptional abilities to deliver informative speeches in front of a large crowd. During my senior year at (name of the college), I became a student representative, and on multiple occasions, I had the chance to talk in front of university committees. I will always remember that time when I had to….”

why we should hire you guide

Concluding with why you want to work there

This is the third and last part of your answer, and your goal is to show your recruiter why you would love to work in that company. Again, try to keep it short; go directly to the point. Focus on demonstrating that you share the same values and priorities of the company.

An example of this…

“Moreover, I’d be thrilled to work for (name of the company you’re applying for). Through my research, I’ve learned how much the company values the protection of the environment. The amount of investment that (name of the company) has made over the years to reduce CO2 emissions is extraordinary, and I would feel proud to work for such an efficient organization.”

Another context?

“If you don’t mind, I’d like to take this opportunity to explain why I would love to work for this company. (Name of the company) has a great reputation for valuing its employees and encouraging them to continuously learn and improve to reach their professional goals. Working in a place where I know I will have the opportunity to grow is exactly what I’m looking for.”

Additional Support for Interviewing

It’s an excellent approach to familiarize yourself with all common interview questions, not just this one.

Top recommendation…

Consider the type of position you’re applying for and find out what to expect based on that. Interviewing for a hostess position? Check out these Hostess Interview Questions! Head Cook position? Read about common Cook Interview Questions here.

Interviewing with medium to large company chains…

We’ve also got all the common interview questions per company chain! You can access Walgreens Customer Service Associate Interview Questions, Dollar General Interview Questions, Levi Strauss Interview Questions, Del Taco Interview Questions, Disney Store Interview Questions, and much, much more! Simply type your potential employer in our search box to check!

We’ve even got the low down on the entire job application processes for many of these companies, like the Safeway Jobs Application, the complete Staples Application, and what you should know about the KFC Application process!

More rich resources for honing interview skills…

You also cannot go wrong by investing in a book like, Answering Tough Interview Questions For Dummies, Interview Like A Pro, or How to Create Positive Impressions!

Ok back to how to answer why you should be hired

Final Thoughts

While a job interview can indeed be a stressful situation, you shouldn’t worry about that moment when they ask you Why They Should Hire You. As I have explained, this is the perfect opportunity to show how your skills and your qualities make you the best candidate for the position you’re applying for.

Moreover, this is one of the few questions that you can predict, and therefore, you have time to prepare your answer in advance.

If you manage to be confident, keep it short, go directly to the point, and sound natural, your chances of landing the job will increase immensely.

Good luck with your next interview!

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