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Will a Felony Show Up After Ten Years?

Will a Felony Show Up After Ten Years

Having a felony on your record can lead to great difficulties when looking for work. Many potential employers do background checks before hiring a new person.

If a felony shows up on the record, it means the job will not be granted. Everyone should be aware of what is on their file to deal directly with the employer. Knowing what is on the file and knowing the duration of the crimes is also important.

Do Background Checks Show Crimes After Ten Years?

Background checks can report crimes for a minimum period of 7 years. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) allows up to seven years of checks on criminal backgrounds after a felon is released. Most businesses can choose to ignore crimes that have occurred a long time ago.

Many companies check the background for up to five to ten years from the date of hiring candidates. Regardless of their criminal history, felons need to be clear about disclosing past allegations.

Non Convictions

Even if a person is arrested for a felony and is acquitted, the arrest will still show on their records for seven years. Even if a person is arrested for a felony, any other case that was not charged will appear on the seven-year background check.

will felony show up after ten years


In California, Colorado, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, Texas, and Washington, the charge does not appear on a record after seven years. In all other states, however, the data will still be recorded.

It depends on how long a candidate needs a background check for but they can get data on any criminal charge in their life. Most managers however conduct background checks and go back only 5 to 10 years.

If the offender cannot clear their record when the background check is conducted, the offense will not appear on the record if there is an indictment.

Does A Background Check Terminate The Job For Felonies?

Applicants should be concerned about the background check. If they have been involved in criminal behavior in the past, it is only natural to wonder how far companies will go with background checks. Felons do wonder if any of these issues will affect their job prospects.

In most situations, potential employers make their choice based on two things:

1 Most employers conduct job appropriate background checks conducted for the applicant. For example, if the felon is not applying for a driver’s job, there is no reason to be concerned about a minor driving offense they committed three years ago.

2 Employers also look at the skill of the applicant and how fit they are for the position they are applying for.

How Far Does The Background Check Go?

Not that far. Typically, under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), there is no restriction on the number of years an employer can look back on when looking for a criminal background check. Even if the crime was committed 25 years ago, employers would have access to that data.

will the felony show up after ten years

The policies however of these checks vary by region as different states have different laws. Each state has laws that guide how background checking companies collect reports. In most cases, many regions do not allow background checking companies systems to share criminal record data more than seven years old.

Some states allow background check companies to share data for up to ten years. All states have one common law. At some point, the felony will not be shown on a background check.

States with a maximum of seven years:

  • California
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New York
  • Texas
  • Washington

Exceptional States

There are however exceptional cases even in these states. For example, if an employer manages more than 5,000 to 125,000 jobs in California, they may check the background for up to ten years. If they are looking for jobs in Colorado and Texas with a pay of over $ 75,000, the employer does not face a seven-year limit to check the background.

will the felony show up after 10 years

Similarly, the salary cap is $ 25,000 in Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, and New York. The salary level for Washington is $ 20,000. If felons do take responsibility for the crime during the interview, some states will prevent these records from showing up in the background check.

These states include:

  • Alaska
  • California
  • Indiana
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • New York

Some states adhere to the law when it comes to background checks. Whether or not felons of the states mentioned above have old crimes, they may find it challenging to get a new job if they have a crime to their name. If companies find that they have the required skill then they may be able to bag the job.

What Are Level 1 And Level 2 Background Checks?

In most cases, felonies will understand the difference between level 1 and level 2 background checks. These levels only apply to the state of Florida. There is no other state that uses this.

Level 1: Checks by name and only verifies the employment history.

Level 2: Checks are run based on national ID. These checks take place when applicants seek jobs that demand trust and a high level of service.

If a felon is a resident of Florida, only a first level background check is conducted.

Do The Crimes Appear Elsewhere?

If felons live in one state and look for a job in another state, their background check will be shown. Any business in the United States can extract complete criminal records for each state. They can access the following data:

1 They can find criminal records for each applicant using their current location.

1 If a red flag appears in the investigation, they can continue to search for criminal records in these areas.

3 Real estate employers can perform a federal criminal record check that detects crimes on government property or any other crime.

4 Most companies will look for sex felonies, state security, and transnationals, making sure there are no such applicants.

Ban the Box

Ban the Box is a great initiative that helps felons. It urges companies to get rid of the box in the application form that asks regarding the criminal history. It also discourages companies from running a level 2 background check to determine any criminal charges.

In this way, each candidate has the opportunity to showcase their skills and abilities and impress the interviewer before the background tests are conducted.


Whether felons are applying for a bank position or a child care provider, they often wonder what will show up on their background check and how long their crime will show. Irrespective of how long it has been since the crime was committed. Felons should learn to be honest. Being upfront about their felony will help felons bag the best jobs available out there.

Making a fresh start is important and this is where companies also need to support felons. Certain crimes can be overlooked. Companies should begin trusting felons and give them jobs that they deserve based on their skill.

Eliminating crime is one of the best ways to ensuring society is progressing. Giving felons the chance to start afresh is the best way to reduce the crime rate. The world can become a better place if felons are given a chance to make up for their mistakes. Felons also need to make the right choices and take the right steps.

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