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World Market Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

world market application

About World Market Application

World Market is a retail outlet that specializes in home décor and has 250 stores across the US. This retailer deals with retail roles in home furnishings and applicants can apply for various roles through the online process of application. They can also apply for various positions by visiting the store. Many positions are available at the distribution centers and the corporate level.

Employees are generally interested in the retail sector, which offers multiple retail roles that deal with home furnishings. The customer base grows at a rapid rate. The market should be rapidly expanding by hiring new employees who are smart, creative, and self-motivated.

Workers who have previous experience and employment or detailed product knowledge are allowed to grow systematically. Many entry-level jobs require a minimum hiring requirement to hire the right candidates at the proper level. Many applicants receive on-the-job training after they gain employment.

Application Process for World Market

World Market offers many job positions available at the store. The hiring location also offers vacant positions directly. Job applicants can take a printout of the application form and also physically fill it with blue or black ink. The application form should be accurate. Applicants also choose to apply online through the job search and application process. Job seekers have user accounts to apply for any positions. The job applicants need to apply through personal information, work history, and educational history which are present in the user account for applying through the online process.

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Hiring Process

The hiring manager takes 2 weeks to respond to job requests. The company regularly responds to emails and phone interviews. The Human Resources coordinators also choose applicants from hiring pools. Applicants can follow up by calling, emailing, or visiting preferred locations to hire applicants who have an interest in various job prospects. The applicants can check for job application status through a phone call or email. The store gives many applicants a chance to meet managers during busy store hours to observe the work environment of World Market.

Essential Requirements for World Market

What is the specific age requirement for working with World Market?

The specific age requirement is 18 years of age to work for World Market.

What is the work shift followed by World Market?

The work shifts followed by World Market are Monday to Friday 9.30 am to 9 pm; Saturday 9 am to 9 pm; Sunday 10 am to 7 pm.

List down the available positions at World Market?

  • Store Representative
  • Team Mate
  • Cash Keeper
  • Associate Manager
  • Manager
  • Associate Manager – Marketing
  • Web Analyst
  • Analyst – Leasing
  • Real Estate Representative
  • Stock Inventory Planner
  • Project Manager – Technical
  • Director – Loyalty
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Marketing Communications Manager
  • Design Engineer – Product
  • Designer – Director
  • Visual Merchant
  • Representative for stocks
  • Sales Representative
  • Head of Part-time Employees
  • Departmental Head – Beverages
  • Coordinator – Pricing/ Signage
  • Departmental Head – Furniture
  • Manager – Stocks
  • Benefit Assistant
  • Graphic Designers
  • Media Head
  • Technician – Warehouse Maintenance
  • In-bound Record Keeper
  • Chief of Imitations
  • Payroll Executive

How will an applicant apply for a job position with World Market?

Applicants can either apply through the online portal or apply through the physical application form by submitting it at the store.

Job Opportunities at World Market

World Market requires smart, creative, and self-motivated individuals to work with World Market. There are multiple positions also available in the store for applicants to start their careers with World Market. A rapidly growing customer base also gives rise to employment opportunities at work.

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Workers also need previous employment experience and knowledge in the retail sector to work in World Market. Many entry-level positions need a basic hiring requirement so that a variety of jobs available in the store can hire the right candidates who meet this job requirement. Specific job pieces of training are an added advantage.

Employment Type

Applicants receive flexibility in employment through part-time and seasonal employment. The company focuses on onboarding staff so that employees can gain professional growth and experience. Employees also enjoy regular promotions, better salaries, and gain access to various employment benefits.

For a home décor company, the minimum age requirement is 18 years. The applicants also require a high school diploma or equivalent diplomas to this. The store also offers employment opportunities to hire part-time and full-time applicants. There are many seasonal jobs also available for applicants. Applicants can apply either online or by visiting the store.

Career Opportunities and Salary Information for World Market

Sales Associate

  • They assist in final billing for customers
  • The sales associate also handles cash inventory and takes customer payments or they generate sales by providing good customer service.
  • They also possess good customer service skills and interpersonal skills with time management.
  • Sales Associates are part-time workers and seasonal hours which also require flexibility at work.
  • They earn 8 dollars to 9 dollars every 60 minutes.

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Stock Associate

  • This is a part-time position.
  • It is also a seasonal role
  • They generally earn 9 dollars an hour.
  • Their job also involves replenishing goods, merchandising, and unloading deliveries.
  • They also keep the store spic and span.
  • The stock associate should also follow instructions well.
  • They assist customers and perform cashier duties when needed.


  • They act as a leader and assist in-store management.
  • The daily operation is also managed by the supervisor.
  • A supervisor also fills the entry-level function for managers so that they can become an industry leader.
  • They also assign tasks to subordinates and handle the responsibilities of various departments.
  • They earn 15 dollars an hour.

Work Benefits for Working at World Market

The organization offers an extensive range of work benefits. They offer many opportunities for career advancement. World Market is known for offering competitive pay scales. Health and wellness benefits are also provided. Dental, medical, and vision benefits are provided. Paid-time off, vacation, holidays, and retirement benefits are also given to employees.


This organization follows offline and online application processes. It also offers many work benefits to deserving employees. The company also hires a talented workforce who is knowledgeable about home furnishings. The organization also interacts with customers face to face or through social media. This organization also helps customers to participate in different competitions to enhance home décor.

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