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Wyndham Hotels and Resorts Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

One of the many brands run by Wyndham globally is Wyndham Hotels and Resorts. The applicants can visit the company’s official portal to know about the available careers and start applying. In 1981 the original hotel corporation had started in Dallas, Texas, and Trammell Crow founded it. In 2006 the company became global.

wyndham hotels and resorts application

Some of the other brands that the company runs are Baymont Inn and Suites, Days Inn, Hawthorn Suites, Howard Johnson’s, Knights Inn, Microtel Inn and Suites, New Yorker Hotel, Dolce, and Ramada, and several others. The hotels are available in several locations, including North America, Asia, Australia, Europe, South America, etc. In the United States, it is available across 29 states.

Additional Information

The hotel claims to offer several deals and packages for clients besides offering spaces for corporate meetings besides conferences. They also offer several discounts and packages for clients besides offering rooms for corporate meetings and conferences. They also have openings for various events, including weddings. Above all, patrons can find several amenities here at different locations. Almost all the hotels provide hot breakfast to clients besides free internet access across the entire property.

Resort Facilities

The resorts also feature various spa facilities featuring other relaxing and rejuvenating treatments besides swimming pools suitable for almost all age groups. The majority of the resorts tend to beachfront properties offering stunning views across the ocean. The company is one of the most lodging properties under Wyndham Hotel Group. It is likely to span over at least 65 countries across the globe. The hotel chain mainly hires new employees regularly to align with the customer’s needs.

Important Information To Know about Wyndham Hotels and Resorts

Required age of the candidate to be eligible to apply at Wyndham Hotels: The candidate needs to be at least 18 years of age to apply at Wyndham Hotels.

Working hours of operation at Wyndham Hotels and Resorts: The hotels and resorts are open 24*7 all days a week. The working hours of the employees vary as per the needs.

Employment Opportunities at Wyndham Hotels and Resorts

The company was officially inaugurated in 2006, and the global chain of hotels tends to offer several economical options for lodging. The guests can easily enjoy contemporary amenities, including online reservations, in-house spas, Wi-Fi, cable TV, computer lounges, besides high-end furniture.

the wyndham hotels and resorts application

The resorts are mainly here for entertainment districts in several major metropolitan areas, which are likely to access the neighboring events besides nightlife. They significantly focus on high traffic besides heavily sought regions besides contemporary and leading facilities and amenities. All the services tend to create several job opportunities for employment across the country. The applicants looking for jobs in the management sector can find fine lines of positions available, offering a competitive salary, advancement opportunities, and access to employee perks.

Job Requirements

A typical resort is likely to require staff for at least 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. Services including spas need applicants who are courteous besides being knowledgeable. The motivated applicants tend to be ideal for providing fantastic customer care services and on-call appointments.

Other job opportunities are likely to include regular interaction with patrons, and they need to have some experience working with computers. Additionally, experience in the hospitality sector tends to a vital point during the hiring process.

Career Opportunities at Wyndham Hotels and Resorts

Almost all the hotel chains under Wyndham have a minimum age requirement for employees, which means applicants need to be at least 18 years old to work here. After being hired, the employees need to work in different positions, including senior, lead, or management, depending on availability. The entry-level jobs offer flexible scheduling.

wyndham hotels resorts application

Guests Service Associate

Being a full-time position, the employees need to follow various responsibilities, including data entry and general accommodations besides room service, inventory duties. The applicants need to book, set, and cancel reservations during each shift besides explaining hotel amenities and grounds. They need to delegate and log all the operations virtually. The shift assignments are likely to vary from associate to associate. They can earn $14 or $15 per hour.

Laundry Associate

It is a part-time position falling under the housekeeping department; the applicants need to possess team-oriented and positive, dedicated personalities. The employees should also be ready to lift some weight. Hence job seekers need to maintain stamina besides sound physical health to represent fit for the available laundry associate position. They also need to fold and strong linens besides operating washing machines and dryers. The company doesn’t need any previous experience for laundry associates.

wyndham hotels resorts application guide


The cooks, besides other culinary associates, should possess prior experience related to the field to get employment here. Some of the essential duties include preparing the food and cleaning the space clean. They also need to understand the basic concepts of dishes available and execute all obligations on time. They can earn $9 or $10 per hour.

Tips for Applying at Wyndham Hotels and Resorts

Candidates who are applying for entry-level jobs will not be required to have prior experience. The company is looking forward to passionate individuals who are willing to work in a dynamic environment. While applying, the candidates need to be very careful as there is cut-throat competition. Hence, they need to be very thorough and prepared while applying for the same.

Perks of Working at Wyndham Hotels and Resorts

The employees can get some discounts on hotel accommodations. Besides that, they can pay for leaves and training. The eligible employees can also get health retirement plans.

Miscellaneous Information about Wyndham Hotels and Resorts

The hotel chain is quite appealing to travelers, and it also maintains a customized blog for female guests. The users can find several tips here.


To help individuals ace through the whole process, we have mentioned and touch upon the topics such as the different job roles opened by the company, applying for the same, the tips the candidates can use to apply. Candidates should also make sure they follow all the pointers mentioned here so they get the job and begin their successful careers with this company.

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