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Wynn Las Vegas Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

wynn las vegas application

Do you enjoy the bright lights and excitement of the Las Vegas Strip?

If you want to work in the hospitality industry, it may be time to fill out a Wynn Las Vegas Application Online: Jobs & Career Info. The prominent five-star hotel was established in 2005 and receives hundreds of thousands of guests each year.

Wynn Las Vegas boasts a total of 2,700 guestrooms, while the casino covers more than 110,000 square feet. A range of employees are needed to make sure that the hotel and casino operate smoothly.

So, let’s take an in-depth look at the types of jobs you can apply for at Wynn Las Vegas and, more importantly, how to appeal to the hiring managers.

wynn las vegas job application

Facts About Working At Wynn Las Vegas

Many entry-level roles at Wynn Las Vegas require applicants to be at least sixteen years old, while casino workers must be over 21. Both the hotel and bar are open around the clock every day of the year. As a result, many employees are needed to work a range of shift patterns as well as during public holidays.

Wynn Las Vegas Job Opportunities

A wide range of entry-level employees are needed to keep the hotel, casino, and onsite restaurants running smoothly. However, talented career professionals are also valued and actively sought at Wynn Las Vegas. Let’s check out some of the main jobs you can apply for at Wynn Las Vegas and the associated duties.

Bell Attendant

Bell attendants work as part of the concierge team and are responsible for helping guests with their luggage. They need to have excellent customer service skills and be able to answer questions from guests. When required, bell attendants need to be willing to go the extra mile to make sure that guests are satisfied.

Bell attendants need to be reasonably physically fit to lift heavy bags and walk to guestrooms. The typical salary for this entry-level role is around $14 per hour. However, bell attendants who provide excellent service are also rewarded with tips from guests.

the wynn las vegas job application guide

Cocktail Server

This role is ideal for anyone who has an outgoing personality and enjoys entertaining casino guests. Cocktail servers often work part-time and are required to work a range of shift patterns. They need to be able to stand throughout their shifts and bring drinks to customers on the casino floor.

Cocktail servers need to be able to mix and serve a wide range of cocktails and other drinks on demand. The starting salary for a cocktail server is usually around $12 per hour. However, the salary goes up over time as employees gain skills and experience.

Front Desk Agent

These work at the front desk of the hotel and assist guests with the check-in and check-out process. They also receive reservations over the phone and make sure that guests have everything they need. Front desk agents also need to be prepared to answer questions about the hotel, casino, and the surrounding area.

Front desk agents need to be prepared to work long and irregular hours and remain standing during shifts. It is necessary to have excellent customer service skills and the ability to diffuse tricky situations. While the starting salary is typically $15 per hour, employees with experience can earn $18 per hour.

Kitchen Staff

Several different restaurants can be found onsite at Wynn Las Vegas. Each of the restaurants requires several kitchen staff to prepare, cook, and serve meals. It is necessary to have a certain amount of experience and be able to follow the restaurant’s recipes to the letter.

the wynn las vegas job application tips


Both the casino and the hotel require talented and experienced managers to oversee operations. Managers need to be comfortable delegating tasks and interacting with guests. The ultimate aim is to make sure that their department runs as smoothly as possible.

Wynn Las Vegas managers also need to have strong attention to detail and problem-solving skills. They have to liaise with other managers and professionals to create new operational strategies. The standard salary for this role is $60,000 per year, which can increase over time.

Additional Benefits of Working at Wynn Las Vegas

Both full-time and part-time employees are provided with a special benefits package that includes free meals, casino discounts, and access to onsite wellness centers. Eligible full-time professionals are also eligible to receive a range of additional benefits. These include medical, dental, vision, and prescription drug plans, paid time off, retirement plans, and life insurance options.

How To Apply?

The hiring managers at Wynn Las Vegas screen applicants to make sure they have the necessary skills for vacancies. Therefore, it is important to read the job description carefully before applying for a job. If the job you are looking for is not currently available, you can sign up for email notifications.

Once you find a role that you want to apply for, you will be directed to fill out the Wynn Las Vegas application online. Alternatively, it is possible to upload your employment information from your LinkedIn profile. Make sure that the information you supply is as detailed as possible and correct before submitting it.

A follow-up email if needed…

After submitting an application form, candidates usually receive a confirmation email. Another email will then be sent to confirm an interview a few days later. People who do not receive an email are likely to find that sending a personalized email speeds up the process.

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Final Thoughts

No matter which role you are interviewing for, it is important to highlight strong customer service skills. Employees are also expected to be able to work well as part of a team. It is a good idea to prepare answers to standard interview questions that reflect these essential skills.

Wynn Las Vegas employees are also expected to be perfectly presented at all times. Therefore, it is important to pay close attention to your interview outfit and be well-groomed. Doing a little research in the company will further guide you to the types of skills and values hiring managers are looking for.

All the very best with your Application!

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