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Zaxby’s Interview Questions

zaxby's interview questions

You have finally made it to Zaxby’s interview. Interviews are generally a strenuous exercise if no preparation is done. Using a small amount of preparation allows you to crack the interview properly. Zaxby’s is a quick-service restaurant that offers finger-licking dishes like chicken wings, chicken fingers, sandwiches, and salads.

The restaurant was launched in the year 1990. The restaurant looks for an energetic and enthusiastic set of employees who can serve customers better. The interview questionnaire is a handy tool for future applicants to learn about the work culture and policies of Zaxby’s restaurant. This restaurant also offers an ample amount of career opportunities to those who want to develop a rewarding career with Zaxby’s.

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Generic Interview Zaxby’s

Q – 1. What can you tell us about Zaxby’s?


  • It is a well-known restaurant located in the Southern United States.
  • The restaurant offers fried chicken, chicken wings, salads, and sandwiches.
  • The restaurant was launched in the year 1990.
  • Zaxby’s has 600 locations in the USA.
  • The basic positions offered at Zaxby’s are cashier, ship supervisor, and kitchen staff.
  • The restaurant focuses on experience and quality.
  • Zaxby conducts job interviews for a qualified set of applicants and assesses their experience and qualities.
  • The other position available in Zaxby’s is customer service associate.

zaxby's interview questions tips

Q – 2. Introduce Yourself?

Ans: You must talk about your specific work experience and co-relate your hobbies with the specific job positions. You should also put the restaurant ahead of its competition. This helps you to create a good first impression in the minds of the interviewer when you appear for an interview with Zaxby’s. Always make sure you speak highly about the organization and also mention that you have researched about the restaurant. This will put you ahead of the other applicants.

Q – 3. Why would you choose Zaxby’s as your employer?

Ans: You should talk about the products and services offered by Zaxby’s. You must also talk about the different ways in which you can represent the products of the restaurant. This helps you secure a better job with Zaxby’s. You can also use the different learning and growth opportunities to help you to develop a rewarding career with Zaxby’s.

Career Opportunity with Zaxby’s

Q – 1. Why should Zaxby’s consider hiring you?

Ans: Carefully study the Job Description offered by Zaxby’s. Read the skills and the basic experience required in the Job Description. Then identify whether your skills and experience match the job profile. You must also prove that you have all possible solutions for the employer’s problems. This helps Zaxby’s to take an informed hiring decision to hire you for the specified work profile.

Q – 2. How will you develop a career outline for 5 years from now?

Ans: You must use real-life and relatable examples to carefully outline your definite career path which carefully talks about your specific career aspirations for the next 5 years. You can also review the different job descriptions on the career website of the restaurant to understand how will your career shape in the next 5 years. You should always emphasize your passion for the restaurant industry and this also helps you to deal with this situation better.

zaxby's interview questions tip

Q – 3. What is the philosophy of Zaxby’s?

Ans: Zaxby believes the growth of the organization depends on the development of its people. It also believes to create encore experiences that enrich the lives of people at a given point in time.

Q – 4. How will you become a customer service associate with Zaxby’s?

Ans: To become a customer service associate, you should be able to take customer orders, coordinate between kitchen staff and the restaurant. Handle customer queries and complaints effectively. You must also ensure timely orders get delivered to customers easily. You should manage the customer queue properly so that all orders can get delivered on time.

Q – 5. Describe the work environment at Zaxby’s?

Ans: Zaxby’s doesn’t have a very chaotic environment like McDonald’s or other quick-service restaurants. All policies and procedures facilitate the customers and employees to ensure all orders get delivered in an orderly fashion without creating a mess. It is the responsibility of the customer service associate to ensure customers are educated about the processes followed at Zaxby’s so that they know how much time it will take to prepare their order.

Q – 6. Does Zaxby’s conduct a drug test?

Ans: Zaxby’s doesn’t conduct any pre-employment drug test for prospective applicants.

Customer Handling Skills at Zaxby’s

Q – 1. How will you deal with a difficult customer?


  • Allow your customer to share his concerns.
  • Show that you care for your customers.
  • Avoid blaming your customers or the restaurant.
  • Involve a senior supervisor who can help resolve your concerns.
  • Avoid making false promises.
  • Don’t take criticism negatively to your heart.
  • Always keep your customers satisfied with your services at the restaurant.

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Q – 2. What are the skills required to deliver excellent customer service?


  • Understand your customer complaints well.
  • Don’t allow customers to wait for too long to complete their orders.
  • You should be able to handle work pressure effectively.
  • Use good communication skills to communicate well with your customers.
  • Use punctuality as a core skill to deliver fresh and timely orders.
  • Involve your immediate supervisor to solve customer queries and concerns.
  • Work towards achieving customer delight.

Q – 3. How will you achieve customer delight at work?

Ans: You must ensure you do something extra than your regular duties as a customer service associate, to delight your customers and increase their level of satisfaction.

Q – 4. What skills are required to become a cook with Zaxby’s?


  • You should be good with your culinary skills.
  • Time management skills are needed to manage time for food preparation.
  • You should have a sense of taste to prepare appetizing dishes.
  • You should also go the extra mile to delight customers.
  • Always aware of the safety and security procedures while working in commercial kitchens.

Strengths and Weaknesses at Zaxby’s

Q – 1. What are your core strength areas to work with Zaxby’s?


  • Start with identifying your specific strengths.
  • You should provide relevant proof to prove these strengths.
  • You should demonstrate a real-life example and state how you effectively utilize this strength.
  • Use your strengths to accelerate your career with Zaxby’s.

Q – 2. What are your core weaknesses to work with Zaxby’s?


  • Identify your weaknesses for Zaxby’s.
  • Use a specific example that demonstrates this weakness.
  • Utilize suggestive strategies to transform weaknesses into potential strengths.
  • Use a specific example where you were able to remove this strength effectively.

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Q – 3. What are specific motivators for you?


  • Meet all your deadlines on time.
  • Be a self – motivated person
  • Deliver customer service excellence
  • Work well in a team
  • Coach and mentor others

Interview Tips and Attire

Q – 1. What are specific interview tips for Zaxby’s?


  • You should arrive 10 to 15 minutes early for your interview.
  • Turn off your smartphone.
  • Study and research about the company
  • Don’t reflect your nervousness during the interview.
  • Avoid speaking fast.
  • Don’t strike a boring conversation
  • Maintain a firm eye contact
  • Carry a pen and notebook for the interview.
  • Carry extra copies for the interview.
  • You should understand the work policies of the company
  • Showcase relevant skills during the interview.
  • Maintain a proper body posture
  • Research well about salary expectations for the company.

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Q – 2. What kind of interview attire is best suited for an interview at Zaxby’s?

Ans: You can either dress up formally or in specific business casuals to look smart and create a good impression in the minds of your customers. You can also depict confidence during the interview which helps you crack a better deal for the interview.

Q – 3. How will you increase sales productivity for the restaurant?

Ans: You can suggest some strategies to increase sales productivity by attracting new customers to the restaurant. Use a polite and friendly attitude to deal with customers effectively. This helps you to generate a good amount of revenue for the restaurant. Introduce attractive deals to attract customers so that more revenue can get generated.

Q – 4. How does setting an interview goal help in getting a good career opportunity with Zaxby’s?

Ans: You need to demonstrate the right skills for the job along with appropriate product knowledge. The relevant experience helps you secure a good job with Zaxby’s and you must also have a smart and pleasing personality to deal with customers. You must also review your Resume before you appear for the interview.

Bottom Line

Zaxby’s is a quick-service restaurant that offers an ample amount of career opportunities to new applicants. The various positions require a dedicated and reliable set of individuals to join the workforce. The restaurant also offers a friendly and open work culture. All employees focus on their development and growth shortly. Employees also look after the customers well so that they can work in a rapidly changing environment effectively. The interview tool also helps such employees to grow with the organization by performing at the interview well.

The organization attracts enthusiastic and energetic staff members who can deal with customers patiently. If you can crack the interview properly, you hold a better chance to get a job with Zaxby’s shortly. Always focus on continuous development and learning and develop a personal career plan to structure and also effectively streamline your career.

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