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Zumiez Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

zumiez application

Job seekers who desire to work with Zumiez can apply through its career site or submit the job application form at its stores. It was initiated as a single retail store located in a Seattle mall. This specialty retail clothier operates and functions in more than 700 retail locations throughout the United States.

Zumiez job application forms are available on its online platform that candidates can apply to after exploring the current job opening. It is a clothing chain and provides job positions, including home office, customer care, distribution, and sales. Scroll down to know more details about the available job roles and online application process of Zumiez.

Work Requirement And Scheduling at Zumiez

Zumiez is providing many job vacancies for unemployed people. It hires applicants with a minimum age of 16 to work with Zumiez. Candidates can check the following work schedule and operational hours to work with Zumiez:

  • Monday to Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.
  • Sunday: 11:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.

Job Opportunities Offered by Zumiez

Zumiez is open for various job roles, including Sales Associates, Management, Keyholders, Customer Service representatives, and Cashiers. Entry-level Zumiez associates get job roles in sales associate positions to take payments and assist customers in making selections. Other job roles at Zumiez include working in replenishing merchandise and stock rooms on the sales floors.

Opportunities to Advancement in The Career with Zumiez

Management positions at Zumiez prove beneficial for applicants with previous work experience. Entry-level applicants for Zumiez job roles should possess a high school diploma with a minimum of two years of experience in leadership.

the zumiez application

Eventually, managers find positions within the company’s retail offices or district or regional management. They create perfect part-time job roles for applicants attending school. Employees find working with Zumiez a beneficial opportunity with its flexible shifts and hours. They also enjoy numerous perks and employee benefits offered by this clothing retailer.

Career Opportunities with Zumiez

Interested individuals looking for a job opportunity with this clothing retailer can check the following available vacancies.

Sales Associate

  • These candidates offer customer services using suggestive selling techniques and tricks.
  • They provide helpful, generous, and also kind assistance.
  • Sales Associates at Zumiez usually earn a minimum wage initially and rise over time.
  • They should also demonstrate an interest in minimizing sales and inventory loss, developing teams, and understanding leadership roles.


  • Cashiers at Zumiez handle final transactions and also ring out guests.
  • Their hourly wage begins at a minimum wage with Zumiez.
  • Skilled applicants with product knowledge are the best fit for this job role.

the zumiez application guide


  • Supervisors at Zumiez should have experience in retail service and management with training or supplementary education.
  • Assistant Managers at Zumiez usually earn around $11.00 to $12.00 per hour initially.
  • Store Managers at Zumiez earn up to $40,00 per annum approximately.
  • They should also demonstrate an interest in minimizing loss of sales and inventory, develop teams, and understand leadership roles.

Job Application Status at Zumiez

Store personnel from Zumiez often contact eligible candidates in around one to two weeks to schedule the interview process. Applicants can also visit the hiring staff of Zumiez at its store to know their job application status.

Benefits to Working with Zumiez

Zumiez offers many job benefits to the eligible candidates upon hire, including the following:

  • Employees at Zumiez often receive flexible shift scheduling and competitive pay scales.
  • Zumiez employees also enjoy various health benefits, including flexible spending amounts and prescription medication.
  • They also receive medical, dental, and vision insurance offered by Zumiez.
  • Employees can access vacation pay, paid time off, and sick time.
  • Most Zumiez employees also receive discounts on merchandise.

Additional Information about Zumiez

The Zumiez Foundation deals with clothing and its associated products to make grants to organizations and people in need serving the communities. Recipients of Zumiez include transitional programs, religious organizations, homeless shelters, and youth centers. This foundation also focuses on teaching its employees the values to give back to the community.

It also encourages staff to channel leadership, motivation, encouragement, and passion into the organization around the communities. It was founded by Tom Campion and donated more than 180,000 products to over 180 organizations across 21 states until 2012 and is continuing the same.

The Job Application Process of Zumiez

Job seekers can check this guide below to know the online job application process of Zumiez:

  • Application forms are available on Zumiez online platform.
  • Applicants can tap on the “External Applicants” tab or choose the employment category they need to apply for at Zumiez.
  • Scroll this webpage to view the updated job roles for Zumiez, and tap on the job title you are interested in.
  • Fill out your area or ZIP code, and tap on the “Go” tab to get the available locations, and click on “Apply.”
  • Register your account with Zumiez and complete the appeared required fields.
  • Upload your updated resume when prompted on the Zumiez site, and complete the Zumiez job application process by filling out the remaining fields.

 zumiez application guide

How to Fill Offline Application Form For Zumiez?

  • Job seekers should download the Zumiez job application PDF format form.
  • Enter the required general information and details on this paper form.
  • Fill out all the required fields of this Zumiez job application form, including your education, training, previous employment, etc.
  • The answer to every preliminary question was asked in paper form.
  • Complete the job application filling process of Zumiez with your Signature where required.


Zumiez, offering various job positions, is a retail clothier. It is also popular for its footwear, clothing, and accessories. This retail chain also provides opportunities to like-minded individuals with rewarding employment and career growth. Zumiez maintains a massive collection of action-sports-based clothing for its customers.

Candidates interested in skating, snowboarding, surfing and also interested in getting hired in the retail industry are the best match for current openings of Zumiez. Applicants can also go through the online and offline job application process guided above. They can then apply for their desired job roles at Zumiez. Candidates must also research the company before walking in for an interview. This will help them answer questions well and also not mess up the chance to work for Zumiez.

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